The Future of The Book


THE FUTURE of THE BOOK – a talk hosted by ToMax Talks.

The idea of a portable library would have seemed strange even ten years ago. Now, people are buying kindles for Christmas, and the e-book is predicted to dent the sale of hard copies by 10% in 2013. Clearly, the book is in a crucial stage of development. But what does ‘book’ mean? What will happen to paperbacks and hardbacks? What will our reading habits be in the future?

And what will happen to the book industry? Is publishing finished? Who will decide which books get written and how will they be written – by lone authors or by communities? A host of unanswered questions. Join us in the cool Doodle Bar to hear three experts’s answers and peer into the future.


John Mitchinson – Head of research for the QI Show, past MD of Waterstone’s and co-founder of the pioneering online publisher Unbound.

Michael Sissons – Past Chairman of PFD Literary Agency

Lisa Gee – Author, journalist, associate at The Institute for the Future of the Book

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Poster by Kitty Rice

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